We offer an integrated portfolio of products in order to provide full and specific solutions for our customers.

  We create a unique atmosphere of cooperation, mutual support and sincere interest in each others's success.
Colsultancy Group     
    It is a consultancy firm that provides services in sales, marketing and supply of products and services for companies that are looking for new markets, want to grow and aim for innovation.    
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Minsk, Belarus
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Textile; We have business connections with manufacturers in fields such as yarn, fabric, ready-made clothing and home textiles.
In the food industry, we supply olive oil, sunflower oil, rice, fruits, vegetables, and industrial kitchen tools.
We can supply quality, reliable and affordable products in solid and liquid forms used in today's fertilizer programs in agriculture.
  In the packaging industry, we can supply products such as corrugated cardboard, special boxes, paper bags, pizza boxes and can be shaped according to your demand.
Special bed and base groups and products that will provide you with comfort are supplied.
  Consultants conduct studies on the issues an organization is trying to address. Studies may include interviewing personnel and observing the methods and practices used within the workplace. They also analyze their findings, determine solutions and hold meetings to review recommendations with management.
Chemicals are supplied in two groups:
Textile Chemicals and            
Construction Chemicals.
A business consultant’s job is to provide advice and recommendations to the leaders of an organization. A consultant may also support the implementation of their recommendations.
The title of business consultant can vary by company or industry and may include titles like management analyst, business advisor, strategy consultant, operational consultant, financial consultant or even leadership consultant.
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  Other top skills include a depth of knowledge in the industry or business you are working in, as well as problem-solving and creative thinking skills. A firm grasp of these abilities, plus a solid understanding of data analytic solutions, will allow you to give advice and recommendations that will help your client stay ahead of the curve.
Successful economic solutions
Innovation & technology managment
Manufacturer & Supply chain managment
Textile (yarn, fabrics, ready garments and hometextile etc.)
Food and equipments
Agriculture (fertilizer all forms)
Package (boxes and paper bags)
Chemicals (textile and construction)
Furniture (beds and groups)
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